Night Guitars

from by Chris Conde



Ghost to the electric i'm reckless on a bike like i'm driving while texting but i ride bikes cuz it's nice here in texas future rap to keep you kids guessing messing with the ghost and the walrus all up in the cut leaving nothing but sawdust and diamonds i'm striving to die to myself cuz myself is a giant tyrant riding the beat with a purpose focus my flow so you see where my worth is not in my clothes not in the surface my identity is rooted in a purchase serve kids worthless words it's a waste of all our time what goods a rap if the words just only rhyme lacking depth lacking introspection reverse curses so death don't wreck them tension in my chest for the youth so i spit intention and truth cosmic ascension scenic view in and out of space me and you

spirit fall as i flow lyrics shine when my lips throw air from my lungs trees sing when the wind blows through hear this song let it touch you penetrate heart when you feel the rhythm run through you dude it's alive feel the fire inside rise to your eyes clear vision new sight right? i'm letting go no more white-knuckle'n truth has a grip keeping me from stumblin wondering if i'm dumb enough to run again but i'm done living in my own imprisonment isn't it legit when we get new perspective like a perscription for lenses corrective recked in the head i'm a mess i confess these truths do my best to be real fill every syllable with realness so when i spit you are guaranteed to feel this cuz who would i be if i rapped about things that never happened to me never actually had a place in my life like talking about guns when you're scared to hold knives i'm wide awake ready for action no time to waste awaitin the captain of the ship his will his direction moving me progress not perfection


from Twisted Kite Strings, released March 27, 2015
Chris Conde, Edwin J. Stephens



all rights reserved


Chris Conde San Antonio, Texas


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