Something In The Water

from by Chris Conde



hear the black whisper fall on my ear but i don't want it i don't want it
i've been sitting here for a couple years and i keep on saying the same thing
i'm beginning to lose hope and trust in all the things i do believe in
what the hell is happening to me what the hell is happening

sometimes i just feel so alone even when i hang out with people
like i walk downtown into the streets and come home feeling weak and feeble
is there somewhere i can go to take
is there something i can do to take
is there someone out there who can take
all this pain away

cuz i need to breathe

i'm waking up out of my couch looking around like where the hell am i now? i'm drowning in all of these doubts douse the flames of a dragon i'm chasing around. fell off a wagon but where is it now. feel like i'm screaming in colorful sounds. give you the crown, i'll give you the dagger to stab it right now please do it right now cuz i'm so sick of this christopher nicholas in this not of this so why do i covet this worlds an illusion herbs i'm infusing serve as solution what am i doing all of it's nuisance all of it's nuisance give me your two cents. i'm just trying to live. and just trying to get away from all the habits i hang to it's painful to view myself do the things that entangle. and i know that i am human but i feel like i am losing and my mind is such a nuisance find me a solution kinda feel stupid eating up my putrid puke again


from Twisted Kite Strings, released March 27, 2015
Chris Conde, Edwin J. Stephens



all rights reserved


Chris Conde San Antonio, Texas


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